About Us

Redondo Elementary was established in 1960, and is located in Homestead, Florida, serving a multiethnic population of approximately 700 students.  Over 98 percent of the population receives free or reduced price meals. Redondo is a Title I school, implementing a school-wide program that supplements the regular instructional curriculum as it provides extra resources in the areas of personnel, technology, staff training, parent education, and educational materials.

Redondo Elementary, with the support of the Educational Excellence School Advisory Council, develops and executes a yearly School Improvement Plan designed to target specific instructional goals. This plan delineates strategies that are put in place to achieve specific improvement objectives. Redondo’s implementation of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Comprehensive Research-Based Reading Plan is one of these strategies, which, together with the Accelerated Reader computerized reading program, have proven to be successful in enhancing the Reading/Language Arts curriculum.

Health Inspections

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